Sep 10

Information on Garage Storage Rack

When people think of a garage, they usually imagine a cluttered area. Nowadays, a lot of people have a garage attached to their homes and because of the small space, they use built-in furniture in order to make the most of their garage’s limited space.

An organized storage system can turn your cluttered garage into a tidy area. With proper planning, your garage can serve as a tool shed, a play area and even a workroom aside from having your car parked inside the space.

Today, a typical garage storage rack can be made of various kinds of materials and the right material to your needs is determined by the strength and purpose required. The framework of a stand-alone garage storage rack is made out of steel or other kinds of metal ores in order to provide strength and durability. Utilizing angle pieces can add strength so a narrower gauge can be used without losing structural integrity. Having a thinner gauge has another advantage – they are simpler and lighter to set up and to move around.

You can also purchase a free-standing storage rack or a wall-anchored rack. If you choose a free-standing rack, remember that you have to put all the heaviest objects on the bottom in order to avoid the racks from tipping over. It is also necessary to anchor the rack onto the floor for additional safety measure.

The safest and the most typical garage storage rack is the wall-anchored rack. This can include free-standing racks that are anchored into the wall. Heavy objects should be placed at the bottom part of the rack to prevent too much stress on the units.

Purchasing a garage storage rack is definitely a good decision to keep your garage clutter-free. These racks are multipurpose and made for heavy-duty use. Depending on your needs, you can set up the storage rack either horizontally or vertically.

Aug 10

Looking for the Perfect Garage Storage Rack.

The other weekend I was over visiting a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. I was looking forward to catching up and having a few beers, but before I knew it we were in his garage and he was showing off this cool new garage storage rack he had just installed.

Now don’t get me wrong, unlike my garage that has always been a mess, Eric’s has always been a reasonably well organized. His “stuff” always gets put away in its place, and I don’t remember a time he couldn’t find what he was looking for. But, because of the amount of ”stuff” he had he could only ever get one car in his double garage (much to his wife’s annoyance).

Not any more! When I went in there I couldn’t believe how much space he had. Everything was off the floor and he can now get both cars in there.

My first thought is that he had a big cleanout and got rid of most of his stuff. But Eric promised me he hasn’t got rid of anything, its all still there. He was really exited when showed me how he had stored everything in his new garage storage. He pointed out the special storage system for his golf bag, skis and fishing poles, and all his garden tools are hanging nicely on the wall.

But what he is most proud of is how he had taken advantage of the empty ceiling by adding an overhead garage storage system. That is when I found out that is where most of his “stuff” is now stored. It is amazing how much space there is above your head in most garages and how much you can store there.

Now why am I telling you all this? Simple, after seeing Eric’s well organized garage, Sarah my wife has decided our garage is going to get a makeover. Unlike Eric’s, which started off reasonably organized, ours is not. We can’t even get one of our cars in there let alone both of them.

So now I am looking for the perfect garage storage system, racks, and containers that will best fit our “stuff”. I will post my research and findings here and let you know how it goes.


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